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Martial Arts On Wheelchairs

Sword Fight on Wheelchairs - First of its kind in the World!

Yet another first! Differently abled people have performed the traditional sword fight on stage in this extraordinary production. Thang-Ta, the leaping, muscular dance form of India’s verdant north-eastern state, Manipur, is breathtaking in its own right. When our disabled artistes perform it, you are lifted to another realm of wonder, joy and sheer disbelief when performers on wheelchairs and on crutches, with no hands or one foot soar, whirl and strike with balletic grace.

Martial Arts on wheels is inspired by THANG – TA, the most dangerous form of martial art that flourished in the ancient kingdom of Manipur. Moving in a fixed footwork pattern, performers display thrilling techniques of attack and defense. Wrist work plays a predominant role. Manipuri Thang has been attracting international interest from theatre and dance personalities. And our artistes perform a historic kinetic with their dramatic and electrifying swordplay on wheelchairs.

+91-8884882440, info@miracleonwheels.in